How Do Electrical Fences Work?

Electric fences are quite popular these days and they are mostly used in places where homeowners would like to confine their animals within the boundaries of their property. With electrical fences in place, there’s no way for a dog or any other animal to get past the border lines. They simply don’t want to do it.  

Electrical fences work by converting power supplied either by a battery or the main line into a voltage pulse. These fences are equipped with an energizer that releases a 150 microsecond long pulse to the insulated fence line. The mild electrical shock is enough signal for the animals to stay clear of the fencing.  

How it Works  

When the pulse is released and the body of the animal is set against the fence line, then it will experience a mild shock. This is because the animal’s body allows the fence to complete the circuit. And when the animal feels the shock its natural tendency is to stay away from the lines. This is why electric fences work.  

As the current flows from the ground and into the system, the pressure is placed on the animal that leaned against the lines. The shock itself is not too damaging to any body part but it sends a strong psychological signal that the animal cannot go past the lines. Eventually, they learn to respect the boundaries and never cross the fence again.  

Is it safe? 

The mild shock or small pain that the animal receives when it touches the electrical line only last for a short while. It won’t physically harm your pet unlike other types of fences like barbed wires. Compared to barbed wire fences, electrical fences are way more humane as it won’t cause your pets or animal severe cuts and lasting pain.  

The other types of fences are also good enough, like wooden fences and picket fences for as long as they’re effective in restraining your pet. However, if it no longer serves its purpose, then it might be necessary for you to find other means to put a barricade around your property and keep your pets from getting out.  

Why Should You Install Electrical Fencing? 

There are many reasons why you should prefer electrical fencing over other options. And one of the main reasons why a lot of people opt to install them is because they are fairly inexpensive. Electrical fences require fewer materials and don’t need intensive labor like other conventional fence construction.  

And when it comes to construction, electrical fences are easily built. The lighter materials used to build this type of fence is readily available. If you need to find the best source of these fences, simply visit a company that specializes in fence supply Charlotte NC.  

Another advantage to installing electrical fences is its longer lifespan. These fences tend to last longer because there’s no physical pressure applied to it. As a matter of fact, animals are doing their best to stay clear of them. You may even keep trespassers and predators out of your property with the use of electrical fences.  

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